Danmarks Breve

BREV TIL: Johan Georg Forchhammer FRA: Charles Darwin (1849-09-25)


Professor Forchhammer **???**c. **???**c.




Down Farnborough Kent.

Sept. 25.

My dear Sir.

You will be surprised to hear so soon from me; indeed, perhaps this letter will get to Copenhagen, before you do yourself. — On reflexion, I should be extremely much obliged to you, if you could lend me the Cirripedes, which you with so much kindness, offered me, as soon as you conveniently can. I have now got many valves of fossil Pollicipes in my house, and before returning them, I should be particularly glad to compare them with Steenstrup’s fossil species. — I have now almost finished the Pedunculata, and shall soon commence with the sessile species, so that upon the whole, the present time would be the best time for me to examine your specimens. — I could return the fossil and recent Pedunculata first, and afterwards the sessile species; paying the carriage of course to Copenhagen. — I should be greatly obliged for any specimens which you could spare, and especially some from any arctic country.

s. 93 These specimens will be of the most essential service to my monograph, and I am sure I feel much indebted to your kindness in offering them to me.

Pray believe me my dear Sir

Your’s very sincerely


The parcel had better be directed thus (namely to my Brother’s House, and he will inform me of their arrival).

C. Darwin. Esq.

7 Park Street

Grosvenor Square


Poststamps: PAID 1849. DOWN. Bromley. K. D. O. P. A. HAMBURG V10. Seal: black wax.