Danmarks Breve

BREV TIL: Johan Georg Forchhammer FRA: Charles Darwin (1849-11-12)


Professor Forchhammer

P. Paid.


Down Farnborough Kent.

Nov. 12th

My dear Sir.

I beg your pardon for troubling you, but I know not how to send the enclosed letter to Prof. Loven *) ; will you be so kind as to direct it? He has described a most remarkable Cirripede (his Alepas squalicola) parasitic on the northern Sharks, and I have written to beseech him for a specimen. — Do you familiarly know him? if so, will you back up my request with a word from yourself.

Suppose you got my letter a few weeks ago, begging for specimens; I shall be truly anxious to receive them. I hope that you will forgive all this trouble and I think I may trust to your great good nature to do so.

Yours very sincerely

C. Darwin.

s. 94 Do you know anything of a Cinecas from the North which Eschricht *) (I do not know whether name spelt right) brought with him to the British Association at Oxford **) , but I did not then think of describing all the species of Cirripedia.

Poststamps: PAID. 1849. Down, Bromley. K. D. O. P. A. Hamburg 18/11. Closed with wafer.