Danmarks Breve

BREV TIL: Johan Georg Forchhammer FRA: Charles Darwin (1849-12-01)


Professor Forchhammer

Post Paid.


Down Farnborough Kent.

December 1st

I write in great anxiety about the parcel of cirripedes.

— I received your letter of Nov. 15th a few days ago. — And I immediately wrote to the agents of the Pomona Steamer to enquire if any parcel had arrived addressed s. 95 to me 7 Park. St. Grosvenor Square; this morning I have received an answer stating that the Pomona arrived on the 12th and that there was no package on board for me. — I most earnestly hope it may have been left at Copenhagen, will you make enquiries. — I will write again to agents here to ask whether there was any package addressed to any name like mine. — I am deeply grieved about this.

Pray thank Prof. Steenstrup most cordially for his letter, I will write to him in a short time. I find from his letter there was a specimen of Alepas squalicola, which is the cirripede of all others in the world, I wish most to dissect. — How anxious I shall be to hear from you. — You had better insist upon the agent in Copenhagen writing to the London agents. — It is a terrible loss.

In Haste

Yours most gratefully

C. Darwin.

Pray communicate to Prof. Steenstrup about the parcel; how I do hope it may have been forgotten to have been shipped. I should be most grateful to Prof, Steenstrup for the Greenland cirripedes — but I will write to him.

I am so sorry to cause you all this trouble, after your extreme kindnes to me. — When I hear from you again that it was actually shipped, I will put an advertissement in Times Newspaper, and offer large reward for recovery of Parcel.

Poststamps: PAID BU DE 1849. DOWN, Bromley, K. D. O. P. A. HAMBURG 9/i2. Seal: black wax.