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PREFACE. Charles Darwin (1809—1882...

s. 88 s. 89 PREFACE.

Charles Darwin (1809—1882) had at Chile, 1846, begun a work on the Cirripedes, to which he collected contributions from every where.

On the nineteenth meeting of the British Association for the advancement of Science, announced tc take place at Birmingham 12. Sept. 1849, Ch. Darwin was designated one of the vicepresidents, he was the same year the president of the Geological Society of London.

An invitation to the same meeting was send to the Prof. J. G. Forchhammer (1794—*865) at Copenhagen but he answer 1) .

[June?] 1849.

»Honoured Sir«. «

»The local committee of the British association for the »advancement of science has done me the honour to invite »me to the meeting at Birmingham and I should feel my-»self very happy if circumstance would allowe me to accept this »invitation, and once more to be present at a meeting of an »association which hos done so much for the benefit of science. »But the state of our country and its affairs is so unsettled 2) »that I for this time must give up every thought of leaving »my home for a longer time, and must defer an other visit »to England to better times.

»Believe me honourable Sir.«

But Forchhammer for all that went abroad, he wrote to an other no named friend the 13. Nov. 1849 3) .

s. 90 »I intended to write to you immediatly after my arrival at »Copenhagen, but a month is gone since that time. &c.« and at same date a letter to the chief of the geological Survey, Sir H. T. de la Beche (1796—’1855) copied 4) .

My dear Sir Henry.

»I hope Jou are not angry that so long time has elapsed »between the time I took leave from you and this my first »letter. &c.«

At this meeting of the British Association for the advancement of Science at Birmingham, which begun at the 12th September and endured to the 19th, Prof. Forchhammer who already was corresponding member (o: nominated by the council 5) ) has communicated:

»On the formation of Dolomit« 6) and »On a new method of ascertaining the Quantity of Orga»nic Matter in water 7) .

Probable in a conversation with Darwin it has been mentioned that J. Steenstrup (1813—97) already had publicated two articles on fossile Cirripedes 8) and Darwin has wanted to examinate the species.

s. 91 The present letters treats this.

The mineralogical museum of the university of Copenhagen is in possession of the four letters from Darwin to Forchhammer communicated here. Only one of the answers from Forchhammer is noted in his copybook 9) .

Charles Robert Darwin lost his Father Robert Waring Darwin the 13. Novbr. 1848 and therefore the letters from 1849 are sealed with black wax.